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Training ParticipantsCompetitive Solutions conducted a two week training workshop at Pakistan Council of Reserach in Water Resources Head Quarters, Islamabad. Training title was Ground & Surface Water Modeling Techniques with special emphasis on Visual MODFLOW, FEFLOW, AquaChem & AquiferTest. A basic level SMS and WMS session was also part of the workshop.


   Our aim is to assist clients to be more competitive in the new millennium. Understanding customer's current needs, essentials of the industry and finding the right technology are the primary objectives of Competitive Solutions. We have specific and clearly defined strategies. Our methodology is the key that differentiates us from the others. We are dedicated to ensure excellence and competitiveness to our corporate clients in the changing horizons of business world by providing them the best solutions. We thrive for increasing competitiveness of our customers. We believe in exceeding customer expectation.

Competitive has two subdivisions namely Competitive Solutions and Competitive  Engineering.

Competitive Solutions provides Solutions in Following Areas:

Ground Water Modeling and Managment 

GIS/Remote Sensing and Image Processing

Architechure,Engineering Design and Analysis

Modeling and Simulations Solutions

Network and application Managment

Messaging,File transfer and Security Solutions

Data Mining/Managment Softwares

Customised Managment Systems

Statistical and Predictive Analysis Technologies

 Today's Featured Product.......

Visual MODFLOW Flex

undefinedVisual MODFLOW Flex’s three-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling capabilities are trusted and used by more groundwater professionals than any other modeling software in the world thanks to several seamlessly integrated numeric engines with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Create models using the flexible and efficient conceptual modeling approach by building 3D models out of existing GIS and well data. The grid-independent conceptual model gives you the flexibility to experiment with different grid types and simulators. For more simplistic models, the classical numerical modeling approach can also be used, starting with grid definition.