Software Services

A provider of engineering software products, services, solutions to businesses, government agencies, educational and healthcare facilities.

Engineering Services

We have been providing engineering solutions in public and private sectors. Mechanical, civil and Electrical projects are also listed in our portfolio.

Business Modeling

Competitive Solutions has always been helping others to develop a reputable market, many projects where completed in this last decade.



Our Dedication Matters

“Exceed customer expectation and work smart”



Ground Water Modeling & Simulation Solutions Ground Water Monitoring Systems Geographical Information Systems and Remote ***


Competitive engineering is license by Pakistan Engineering Council to execute project of following discipline up to PKR 200 Million ***


Competitive Solutions provides training and consultancy in Engineering Modeling and Simulations Solutions. Our company has also ***

The full spectrum of wide range of services

Our aim is to assist the client to be more competitive in the new millennium. Understanding customer’s current needs, essentials of the industry and finding the right technology are the objectives of Competitive Solutions. We have specific and clearly defined strategies. Our methodology is  the key that differentiates us from the others.